There is now a remote working boom.

Enterprises need to find new, more flexible ways of enabling thousands of employees to do their work remotely.

But in many cases, these behaviours are placing significant strain on their existing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), as thousands of people attempt to connect to their systems simultaneously.

That’s where virtual desktops come in.

AWS and Microsoft Azure both offer a virtual desktop solution that allows you to provision workspaces on demand for all your users, while staying secure.

They offer massive scalability, rapid deployment, integration with your apps and high levels of security.

So how do you go about implementing them?

In this webinar Robert Slotte will explain how he helped deploy virtual workspaces at scale for a major energy company and got them moving in under two weeks.

This webinar will include:

  • How you can scale virtual desktops to meet you internal services needs
  • Setting up landing zones and cloud foundations across AWS and Azure
  • Integrating your apps
  • How to keep your network secure
  • How these can benefit not only your business, but your customers' needs


Your Webinar Host

Robert Slotte is a Principal Consultant at Contino.

Robert has strong experience in architecting on AWS. He has a special interest in Serverless computing and has successfully delivered a number of Serverless projects as part of Contino. Robert also has a keen interest in software delivery and has worked extensively on CI/CD pipelines for both Serverless and container-based applications.