Are you ready to learn about the latest tech topics and challenges in today’s world?

On Tuesday October 26, join Contino’s Melissa Aydin, Head of TalentOps and James Strong, Cloud Native Director, along with our two teams of tech experts as we present The Great Tech Debate of 2021. Based on their industry experience and work with our clients, our teams will have a robust debate between four major topics, where the two teams will give timed answers and have a rebuttal at the end of each. Topics will include:

  • How to go Serverless - what does your organization need to consider in terms of operations, security and deployment?
  • What are the differences between IaC (Infrastructure as Code) or IaS (Infrastructure as Software)?
  • How can development teams refactor their application successfully?
  • What is cloud security, why is it important, and how does it work?

Your Hosts

Melissa Aydin, Head of TalentOps
Known as the DevOps Queen here at Contino, Melissa is our results oriented Head of Talent with over 9 years of experience in Talent Acquisition (both in-house and external) and technical recruiting. 

James Strong, Cloud Native Director
James has in-depth experience migrating applications and team processes into a cloud native environment. He has recently released his latest book, "Networking and Kubernetes: A Layered Approach". 

The Teams

Green Team
Drew Khoury, Technical Principal

Ralph Bou Mechrek, Technical Principal
Vijay Sharma, Senior DevOps Consultant

Blue Team
Chris Hart, DevOps Consultant
Jason Taylor, Senior DevOps Consultant
Andy Ochsner, Technical Principal