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Contino is a leading transformation consultancy that helps large, heavily-regulated enterprises to become fast, agile and competitive. On Monday November 29th - Friday December 3rd, join us at re:Invent for a 1:1 in-person meeting with any of our 15 attendees below.

We are focused on providing solutions in several of our core pillar offerings including:

  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Cloud Platform Build & Migration
  • DevSecOps and Cloud Security
  • Cloud Native Software Development
  • Data, AI & ML

We'd love to help your organization out with any of the above and more. Fill out the form to set up a meeting with one of our dedicated Contino thought leaders during re:Invent.

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Take a look at our Contino attendees for re:Invent 2021 that are all available to take a meeting and catch up during the event.
Whether it's over a coffee or drink, let's find some time to chat about our current offerings and how Contino can better assist your organization on its digital transformation journey.