[Past Webinar] Building a Cloud-Native Payment Stack: How to Unlock a Seamless Payments Experience

Banks and building societies have long been on a journey to adopt cloud for non-critical workloads. However, key systems such as core banking and payments still remain untouched. So how can organisations start to build out cloud-first, data-driven strategies that provide a truly seamless payments experience?

On Wednesday 23 February, join Contino, Pay.UK and Form3 for a panel discussion on:

  • The current state of payments in the UK and key challenges organisations face with their legacy payment core
  • Why organisations should consider cloud and payments as part of the same conversation
  • What a cloud-native payment blueprint looks like
  • How organisations can start to build a modern cloud-native payment stack
  • How the payments ecosystem is evolving and what the future looks like
  • Key initiatives organisations should consider as part of their payments strategy

[Watch the Recording Here]


[Past Webinar] Operational Resilience vs Innovation: The Role of Cloud in Financial Services

In the financial services industry, banks are no stranger to the importance of resilience in maintaining financial stability. Yet in an increasingly digitised environment, they are facing substantial pressure to keep up with rapid innovation cycles and deliver differentiated customer experiences. But does resilience naturally stifle innovation? Or can organisations stay resilient and continue to innovate?

Our panel from Contino and Google Cloud discussed:

  • Key trends and industry regulations impacting banks and building societies
  • How organisations can move to a cloud-first model without compromising their risk posture
  • Review of the FCA’s recent guidelines
  • Patterns and practices that can help organisations be successful without compromising resilience
  • How organisations can leverage Google’s multi and hybrid-cloud services to increase their operational resilience on premise and across other CSPs
  • How organisations can build upon their operational data and observability to move towards near real-time Compliance and Resilience reporting

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[Past Webinar] Mainframe & Serverless Integration: How to Liberate Your Data and Stay Competitive

Payment providers are sitting on a data goldmine in their mainframe. This data contains insights that can reinvigorate their product and consumer strategies. Yet unlocking this data isn’t easy.

Contino’s VP of Engineering – EMEA, Federico Fregosi, delivered a session on Mainframe & Serverless Integration: How to Liberate Your Data and Stay Competitive. The webinar covered:

  • Key challenges and threats in the payments ecosystem
  • How to get back in the game: liberating the mainframe with a hybrid serverless/containerised solution built on AWS
  • The architecture for live-streaming mainframe data to the cloud
  • Integration patterns used to support serverless functions
  • Performance optimisations to reduce cold start problems

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[Past Webinar] Architecture Vs. Operating Model: A Cloud Conundrum

Transforming your technology is easy. Transforming your culture and instilling lasting organisational change is much harder. So how can organisations get it right? How should you balance your architecture and operating model to ensure a successful cloud transformation?

Contino’s VP of Engineering – EMEA, Federico Fregosi, delivered a session on Architecture Vs. Operating Model: A Cloud Conundrum, which covered:

  • The implications of system architecture for organisational design in the public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud
  • A different approach to digital transformation that links cloud architecture to team structure and engineering maturity
  • Best practices for designing teams that supports VM-based systems, container platforms or serverless architecture

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[Past Webinar] The Great Tech Debate of 2021

Contino’s Melissa Aydin, Head of TalentOps, and James Strong, Cloud Native Director, along with our two teams of tech experts presented The Great Tech Debate of 2021. Based on their industry experience and work with our clients, our teams had a robust debate between four major topics, which included.

  • How to go Serverless - what does your organization need to consider in terms of operations, security and deployment?
  • What are the differences between IaC (Infrastructure as Code) or IaS (Infrastructure as Software)?
  • How can development teams refactor their application successfully?
  • What is cloud security, why is it important, and how does it work?

[Past Webinar] How to Secure Serverless Applications Using the Principle of Least Privilege

What steps can organisations take to implement and successfully maintain the principle of least privilege? And what are the main risks associated with not achieving it? Contino's Mark Faiers hosted a session on How to Secure Serverless Applications Using the Principle of Least Privilege, which covered:

  • Benefits of implementing the principle of least privilege
  • Why it is difficult to achieve in serverless applications and architectures
  • Best practices as ascribed by cloud providers
  • Threats and vulnerabilities associated with not adhering to least privilege
  • What can be done to help achieve least privilege

[Watch the Recording Here]


[Past Webinar] Foundations of a Robust Cloud Strategy: A Guide to GCP Landing Zones

What are some of the cloud-native best practices when it comes to enterprise-grade governance, risk management and compliance standards?

In this session, Contino's VP of Engineering, Federico Fregosi, delivered a deep dive into landing zones on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which covered:

  • The optimal GCP organisation structure to resource deployment strategies
  • How to give teams autonomy without creating security liabilities
  • Creating a continuous compliance environment
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • GCP Core System Design Practices
  • FinOps best practices to optimise and control cloud spending

[Watch the Recording Here]


[Past Webinar] Data Maturity in the Public Cloud: How Your Data Strategy Can Power Enterprise Growth

This webinar focused on the top findings from Contino's Data Maturity in the Public Cloud Research Report 2021 to explain more about how to unlock your data’s potential in the cloud.

In this webinar, join Contino’s data experts Thomas Barton, Ben Simonds, and Mark Pybus where they covered the following and more:

  • How much data do organizations have in the cloud and how mature are their cloud data strategies?
  • What are the most common challenges with bringing data to the cloud?
  • How many organizations have a defined AI/ML cloud strategy?
  • What are the key technical and business benefits that enterprises are seeing from having their data in the cloud?
  • How can an understanding of cloud data economics and the realized value of cloud data investments help to improve your organization?
  • What are the key ingredients of a winning cloud data strategy?

[Past Webinar] Climate Change and the Cloud: The Journey to Net Zero in the Energy Sector

How can organisations cut back on carbon emissions without compromising on business growth?

Contino are joined by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and EDF Energy to discuss how cloud adoption can accelerate sustainability initiatives and help companies become net zero businesses.

The panel discussion will cover:

  • The pressures facing the energy industry right now
  • The importance of the cloud in transforming the energy industry
  • The 3 Rs of sustainable cloud engineering: reduce, reuse and recycle
  • How can organisations leverage cloud to jump start their journey to net zero
  • Practical examples from the energy industry on how to reduce waste, reuse energy efficient cloud platforms and recycle best practice from across the public and private sectors

[Past Webinar] Why an Awesome Developer Experience Is Crucial to Enterprise Cloud Adoption

In tech, development teams drive innovation. But how can enterprises optimise product delivery, minimise attrition rates, and boost team productivity? Join Contino's Principal Consultant, Hibri Marzook, and Account Principal, Ruchir Sanghavi, as they discuss:

  • What a positive Developer Experience (DevEx) looks like and why it’s important in enterprise transformation
  • How enabling a phased DevEx can address common pain points, increase autonomy and help boost team productivity
  • What can happen when the DevEx is hindered
  • Implementing feedback loops that reinforce a positive culture and a continuous improvement mindset

[Past Webinar] How Experts Implement Cloud Native Security

How do organizations develop and deploy in the cloud without fear? What is really needed to secure your cloud accounts, and develop your engineers’ innovation all while adhering to industry-wide security best practices? Watch Contino and Cognizant together where they discussed: 

  • How to implement a cloud native security framework in your organization’s cloud migration journey
  • What it takes to apply cloud service providers best practices to ensure your applications are safe in the cloud
  • Extending CI/CD to the cloud and treating accounts as another resource in the pipeline
  • Learning to integrate your organization's investment in third-party API integrations for Cloud Security Platforms
  • Our client’s own experiences with implementing the framework as they walk through how they’ve used Cloud Guardian

[Past Webinar] The Future of Tech Talent and Recruitment Is Now

In this panel discussion webinar, Contino’s VP of Talent, Neil Shmuely and Head of Talent Branding, Casey Walker, discuss the trends and themes shaping tech recruitment, how our culture has impacted the way we recruit, and why it’s important to further invest in your recruiting programs and employees. They cover:

  • The skill shortages and challenges we’ve noticed first hand in the tech talent marketplace
  • The aftermath of the pandemic: remote working and virtual recruitment is here to stay
  • What is the Cultural First Candidate Mindset and why it is critical to your recruitment plan
  • The importance of crafting your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and retain top tier talent
  • Why we are focused to ensure that diversity is no-longer an afterthought

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