How to Build your Own Cloud Migration Playbook

Today the cloud necessity is no longer debated and data centers are rapidly becoming as unfashionable as fax machines. Yet successful Cloud Migration remains as poorly understood and illusive as ever.

Join us for this webinar where Marwan Kansoh and Dan Williams will cover: 

  • How to structure a successful Enterprise migration program to the cloud
  • Streamlining the decision to application treatment plans and target state architecture
  • The importance to on-going discovery


The State of DevOps in Financial Services

How are leading financial services organisations progressing with their digital transformation programs? Join Contino, Nationwide, Lloyds Banking Group and Direct Line Group for an online panel discussion where they will cover:

  • Winning hearts and minds to embark on their DevOps & Cloud efforts
  • Starting on their journeys and the challenges they faced
  • Patterns for success and anti-patterns to avoid
  • Scaling DevOps in a regulated environment
  • Moving fast, whilst not breaking compliance!
  • Fast forward into the future - where will the industry be in two years:

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