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Virtual Desktops Watch Again

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud

Virtual Desktops allow you to provision workspaces on demand for all your users, while staying secure. But how do you go about implementing them? During the session Ben and Robert covered:

  • Scaling virtual desktops to meet your internal services needs
  • Setting up landing zones and cloud foundations across AWS and Azure
  • Integrating your apps
  • Keeping your network secure
  • How we deployed virtual workspaces for a major energy company and got them moving in under two weeks

Virtual Contact Centres in the Cloud

Virtual Contact Centres can enable your customer service teams to work effectively remotely. But how do you set them up? During the session Mark and Ben covered:

  • Virtual Contact Centres - what they are, how they work and the benefits
  • A closer look at Amazon Connect, including a live demo
  • How we deployed virtual workspaces for a major energy company and got them moving in under two weeks

Kubernetes is Hard

Kubernetes is notoriously difficult to get your head around! Particularly at the outset. So how should you and your teams get started? During the session Kurt, James and Greg covered:

  • Laying the foundations for success
  • Clusters: set up, security and operations
  • Best practices for container and Kubernetes adoption
  • Optimising application development in Kubernetes environments

Boost Your Apps

How can an SRE approach to app development make your apps virtually indestructible? In this session Carlos, Alex and Edgar covered: 

  • The basics of site reliability engineering and observability
  • Problems with logging, application instrumentation and metrics collection and how to overcome them
  • Creating a framework for modern application logging
  • Using tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic and Splunk

Reliability Engineering in the Enterprise

How can a combination of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Data Reliability Engineering transform your organisation? In this webinar Yun and Michael cover: 

  • Demystification of the different types of innovation
  • Proven frameworks to drive a culture of innovation within your organisation
  • Pragmatic approach to applying Site and Data Reliability Engineering to build out antifragile systems that meet business needs

Why You Need to Invest in Digital Transformation NOW

Why is now the time that your organisation should focus on your investment in digital transformation, rather than postpone it? In this webinar Ben covered: 

  • Why organisations have failed to transform - and what they need to do to get it moving
  • Why now is the time to invest to gain real competitive advantage for the future
  • Real life success stories
  •  The building blocks of digital transformation
  • Areas of focus for your strategy: data, security, cloud & Devops

Harvesting the Power of Machine Learning to Minimise Customer Churn

It's five times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones. So can your data help you minimise customer churn? In this session Campbell and Craig covered: 

  • How to use Machine Learning techniques and Advanced Analytics to improve customer retention
  • Key signs that indicate you have a churn problem
  • How to start your data journey depending on your cloud maturity

The Future is FinOps

How can FinOps protect and accelerate your cloud adoption journey? In this session Deepak and Scott covered: 

  • Bringing your finance function into cloud adoption
  • Core building blocks for successful FinOps function
  • Establishing a financial trace between your cloud spend, engineering efforts, and business initiatives

Adopting a Data Driven Approach

Every business should be looking to unlock the value in their data. But how can you ensure you're using it effectively? In this sessionYun Zhi Lin and Ryan Lockard cover:

  • How business technology leaders can start on their data transformation journey
  • Overcoming common challenges that prevent your organisation from becoming data first
  • Implementing an end-to-end data pipeline, visualisation and predictions
  • How we helped Transport for New South Wales build a highly scalable, cloud-native analytics platform

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Microsoft CAF

Moving to the cloud is hard. That's why Microsoft has created a Cloud Adoption Framework to help you on your journey. In this session Contino and Microsoft covered:

  • Introduction to Microsoft CAF
  • Interpreting the framework to help scale cloud adoption
  • Accelerators and Blueprints to kick-start your Azure adoption
  • Engineering methodologies and organisational practices to consider