The business case for DevOps and cloud is insanely compelling.

Gene Kim, award-winning CTO and DevOps evangelist, estimates that in a typical enterprise scenario the ROI ratio for DevOps and cloud projects is FIFTEEN TO ONE.

So the question is not whether it’s worth doing, but how you convince the rest of your business!

Yet, most DevOps projects fail at the first hurdle: the business case. 

In this webinar How to Make a WINNING Business Case for DevOps and the Cloud, Contino's VP of Consulting, Ben Saunders, summarises our experience from hundreds of DevOps business cases on​ how to build a winning, multi-level business case, including:

  • What is the purpose of a business case? 
  • How to focus on the business outcome
  • How to find your why
  • How to frame the problem
  • How to quantify your business case
  • How to adopt an experimental, data-driven approach to proving the business case
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