Cloud cost management has always been key when it comes to building a successful cloud environment. However, with cloud spend in 2020 showing no sign of stopping, paired with the directly implied shift from CapEx to OpEx, doing a quarterly review of your cloud consumption is no longer enough.

But how do you manage the cloud cost elements, whilst continue to scale and innovate? 

Enter FinOps. 

FinOps combines aspects of financial management, cloud operations, demand management and procurement to drive modern Cloud Finance Operating models. It aligns your cloud adoption journey and cloud spend to engineering and business initiatives. 

By adopting a FinOps model, your organisation will benefit from: 

  • A setup for the future aligned to the dynamics of cloud computing
  • Decision making driven by data
  • Traceability of business decisions
  • Empowered product teams
  • Optimised cloud spend
So how do you go about creating a FinOps function for your organisation? In this webinar Deepak Ramchandani Vensi and Scott Shulman will cover: 

  • FinOps: How it works and how it helps
  • Bringing your finance function into cloud adoption
  • Core building blocks for successful FinOps function
  • Establishing a financial trace between your cloud spend, engineering efforts, and business initiatives
  • The FinOps Foundation (

Your Webinar Hosts

Deepak Ramchandani is an Account Principal (EMEA) at Contino.

Deepak specialises in working with large regulated enterprises to pave their journey for multi-cloud adoption. Deepak is known for; helping organisations adopt modern operational and engineering practices like SRE - FinOps - GitOps, developing Cloud Native Products and Services for their customers and building sustainable in-house digital capabilities for long term adoption.
Scott Shulman is an Account Principal (USA) at Contino.

Scott has over 20 years experience developing and executing IT Strategies for SMB, Midsized, and enterprise organization. Formally he worked at Apptio, managing and deploying cost management and FinOps focused solutions to fortune 100 sized companies. He holds the Apptio Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) and Elite TBMAp (ETBMA Practitioner certifications, along with being a FinOps Certified practitioner.